Even minor drug possession cases can be serious offenses in California. Prosecutors and politicians alike continue to target narcotics offenders, and have filled our prisons to overflowing with nonviolent offenders. Perhaps more so than any other type of charge, we find that our clients charged with drug offenses have often complained their constitutional rights to be free from unauthorized search and seizure have been violated due to tactics used by law enforcement in drug cases. For non-citizens, even permanent residents, a minor drug charge can have devastating consequences.

My name is Jeff Hayden, and I am in my twentieth year of practicing law. I have handled thousands of drug cases including possession, cultivation, manufacture, possession for sale, sales, and those related to the medicinal use of marijuana, both with and without a facially valid medical marijuana card. I have worked with experts throughout the nation, and have remained current with both the new defenses and technology available to assist in your case.

If the evidence was obtained from an illegal search, the court will not allow its use in the case against you. If charged with a non-violent drug possessory offense, forms of relief available to those who qualify including Drug Court, Deferred Entry of Judgment, even Proposition 36. If you have a drug habit that contributed to your legal problem, perhaps the answer lies in obtaining residential drug treatment.

In evaluating your case, I will take into account all that led to the incident in a culturally relevant manner. It may be that you have a defense, justification or excuse. There may be facts in mitigation – reasons the violation, even if true, should not be treated harshly. Finally, there may be a need to make the focus not just whether there was a violation, but who was involved: I can present you as a person to the court, prosecution and probation officer.

Please feel free to contact my law office so that I can give you a free consultation regarding the violations you are facing. I will not be judgmental, but will explore all possibilities to achieve the best outcome possible.

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