People v. S.L. Mental health commitment case. They thought he was dangerous and wanted to commit him to a mental health facility for his own protection. After trial, he walks out a FREE man.

People v. Z.M. A peaceful, family man, wrongfully charged with Domestic Violence; after jury trial resulted in a mistrial, Prosecution DISMISSES all charges against him, that he can return to his family.

People v. M.B. Charged with possessing drugs in his jail cell. He wasn't there at the time; still, good enough for the jailers, perhaps even the prosecution. Not enough for the jury. Found NOT GUILTY at trial. Today he's a free man.

People v. J.P-U. Sentenced to LIFE after being tried and convicted of child sexual abuse. Based on my motion, the case was REVERSED on appeal. The case was retried and the client was convicted of MISDEMEANOR battery only and credited for time served. Not only with no prison sentence, but no sex-offender registration and no felony conviction.

People v. G.R. 16 year old facing multiple life sentences for "Kidnap for Rape" and "Rape Causing Great Bodily Injury." After a three month trial, G.R. was acquitted of all charges and allegations which would have led to life imprisonment. He'll be punished, but only for what he did; he was ACQUITTED of the most serious charges and allegations.

People v. J.R. Grand Theft. Client faced Felony Theft charges when he used a large sum of client funds for his own purposes, rather than ordering her goods. Arrested and facing possible prison sentence. No one understood his intentions, no one else listened. I listened. At his trial, the jury understood just fine. Instead of being charged with a felony -- he went home a free man. NOT GUILTY.

People v. A.F. Second Strike from two different police agencies. Arrested for failure to register as a sex offender. DA charged the case as Felony. A bit of research then a motion and his case was DISMISSED. No one else figured out that he did not need to register. Another law abiding citizen gets to go back to his life.

People v. D.L. Second Strike for failure to register as a sex offender and trying to avoid a prison term. Prior conviction was from out of state. Legal research was the key here -- The result: MISDEMEANOR, Court Probation and credit for 3 days already served.

People v. J.T. Third Strike for residential burglary (2 counts, 4 priors) while on Felony probation. Was looking at 50 years to life. Resolved with a PROBATIONARY sentence, as if he had no "strikes."

People v. A.F. Client was facing a Third Strike felony for a drug possession case; under the Three Strikes law, he faced a life sentence. Instead, I fought back and got him into a RESIDENTIAL DRUG PROGRAM instead of prison.

People v. D.S. In a Juvenile delinquency case, the judge and DA alike wanted to send him in CYA. Even with a record, the judges follow the law with the new charges, so I took him to TRIAL and WON. Instead of going off to juvenile prison, he got to go home!

People v. M.B. DUI case had to go to trial. After we win the first count, on blood alcohol level, case SETTLED FOR A SPEEDING TICKET instead of the misdemeanor charges.

People v. A.L. Client was charged with cultivating marijuana. Fought the case running pretrial motion; I prevailed in showing that the search was illegal, and the court DISMISSED the case.

People v. M.B. Juvenile delinquency case, where the client was charged with being an accessory to an attempted murder. We went to trial, winning NOT GUILTY verdicts on all charges except for a failure to yield to the police.

People v. K.E. Facing life under the Three Strikes Law -- not for harming anyone or taking anything, but for failing to dot the i's and cross the t's in a legal labrynth with which he tried his best to comply; tried before a judge, who agreed he was NOT GUILTY and that he should go home a free man.

People v. P.M. Misemeanor Hit and Run. We went to jury trial, securing a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

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